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Kafka MirrorMaker in Kafka

Check MirrorMaker.scala for more details.
Target cluster setupDownload and install Kafka (target cluster). Select appropriate version and download its tgz from Kafka Downloads page.tar -zxf kafka_2.11- cd kafka_2.11- Configure Target Kafka cluster's ZooKeepervim ./config/ # the directory where the snapshot is stored. dataDir=/work/kafka_2.11- # the port at which the clients will connect clientPort=2181 # disable the per-ip limit on thseparatedof connections since this is a non-production config maxClientCnxns=0 Start Target Kafka cluster's ZooKeeper./bin/ config/ Configure Target Kafka cluster's Servervim ./config/ # The id of the broker. This must be set to a unique integer for each broker. # The number of threads handling network requests # The number of threads doing disk I/O # The send buffer (SO_…

Terminating a run or test in Scala Build Tool (SBT)

When running a program or test in SBT, if you want to exit from it (and not from SBT) try adding following lines in your build.sbt file:
fork := true

To directly add forking in an SBT session, type
set fork := true

This will not detach and open a new consule from the original sbt console.
But, users can kill this separately.
The way to do this in Max OS or Windows is to search a Java process with command line having sbt-launch in Activity Monitor / Windows Task Manager, and end it.
In Unix, try grepping a process with sbt-launch in a new terminal, and kill it. Command to do that is:
kill -9 `ps -h | grep java | grep -v sbt-launch | grep -v grep | awk '{print $1}'`

By default, the run or test tasks run in the JVM as sbt. Forking can be used to run these tasks in a child process. By default, a forked process uses the same Java and Scala versions being used for the build and the working directory and JVM options of the current process. SBT documentation page discusses how to enable and configure forking for both run and test tasks. Each kind of task may be configured separately by scoping the relevant keys.